Analysis Of The Causes Of Cable Fever

- Mar 08, 2018-

1. The resistance does not meet the requirements, so, causing the cable to generate heat during operation.


2, With the incorrect selection, result in the use of the conductor cross-section is too small, overload during operation, after long time use, the cable heating and cooling imbalance caused by the phenomenon of fever.


3, The cable is too dense during installation, the ventilation and heat dissipation effects are not good, or the cable is close to other heat sources, which affects the normal heat dissipation of the cable, and may cause the cable to generate heat during operation.


4, The connector with bad quality, it will cause the pressure is not closing and contact resistance is too large, It will also cause heating of cable.


5, Performance of insulation is not good, caused insulation resistance is small; Heat is also produced during operation.